August 12, 2009

My hidden talent

It's no secret that I have no hidden talents. I'm not double jointed, I can't draw with my toes (or fingers for that matter), I can't juggle chainsaws, I can't even roll my tongue... which I blame my parents for. But over the past few months, I have discovered a talent that has been hiding under the surface for the past 24 years, just waiting to come out. And I'm not going to hide it anymore. I'm just not.

Here it is.... ahem.... I'm the shit at Wheel of Fortune. Excuse my French, but I feel like that's the only way to get the point across. My only other option was that I am "the bomb", but that's lame. 

Now, I've never considered words in general to be my forte. You might be saying to yourself, "but Carla, you're a Speech Pathologist. How can words not be your forte?". Well my answer is this: ummmm.... I'm completely aware of this. But I didn't know what to do with a Bachelor's degree in Mathematics. So Speech Pathology was the result of a couple aptitude tests, a deep look into my inner soul, and many conversations with my mom about how it's a recession-proof occupation. Which, I think, qualifies her for having some sort of psychic ability. Thanks, Treev. 

Ok, so here's how I got discovered, and I use that term lightly. When I was in Los Angeles, my sister and I were sitting at the Ocean Lodge Motel (it's as classy as it sounds) watching Wheel of Fortune. A puzzle came up, and this is how it read at the time. 
Category: Event
" _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ N       _ _ _" 

Spoiler alert: I solved it.

And then today, it happened again. 
Category: Showbiz 
"_ _ _ _ S _ _ _ _       _ _ S S"

Spoiler alert: same as above.

And again...
Catgory: Phrase
" _ _ _ _ _     _ _ T     N _     _ _ _ _ _"

Spoiler alert: I think you get the point.

So today, August 12, 2009, marks the day that I have begun to DVR (when did that become a verb?) Wheel of Fortune, unabashedly I might add. I consider myself to be "in training", much as one would train for a marathon. Exactly like that, actually. Have I mentioned that I need some hobbies?

The purpose of this blog is three fold:
1. To brag
2. To see if anyone can solve those puzzles. 
3. To challenge anyone who can to a Wheel of Fortune Duel. 

I'm sorry, am I 85 years old?


  1. I'll take your challenge, and raise you a Jeopardy

  2. I love this post, and I will tell you why. In the spirit of full disclosure and the transparency of friendship, I shall tell you that I DVR Jeopardy. Daily. And my standing appt. with my couch everyday after work to watch said show is one of my favorite moments of the day. There....I said it. Perhaps this is why we are such good friends...

    P.S. I love reading your blog, and I vow never to steal your intellectual property. Honest.

  3. Backstage pass?
    That's the only one I can even guess at. And I used to think I had mad Wheel skills. I have shamefully kept them a secret, though, because I was also afraid people woudl assume I was an 85 year old woman. The worst is when it's on at the gym and I can't keep myself from yellign at the tv. Quite embarassing.
    Love you! Missing you in Memphis!!

  4. haha you got it Mary Helen! Impressive, indeed. Miss you too, hope all is well in Memphis!