November 25, 2010

For lack of creativity.

Due to my apparent lack of inspiration over the past few months, here's a little Thanksgiving treat for you.

Things Carla Sawatski is thankful for:

1. Grace. Because I've screwed up a time or two.
2. The Razorbacks. The hope they give me. The hope they take away from me.
3. Friends who send personalized holiday text messages.
4. A dog who loves me, but hates mankind.
5. Budweiser Light.
6. My ability to continue to exemplify humility, even after I slaughter all of my Words with Friends opponents.
7. The Shurley Method. The educational tool that is largely responsible for my grammatical proficiency, thus providing multiple opportunities for me to bestow correction on those less fortunate.
8. Apple electronics.
9. The ability to identify a person by his or her phone number... and not be creepy about it.
10. My mom and dad's decision to build a house on top of a mountain, so that I can improve my cardiovascular health on my Thanksgiving morning run. Otherwise known as The Thanksgiving Death March of 2010.

Mostly I'm thankful for the people in my life. My sister, who makes my life funnier. My brother, who allows me to live in the comfort of his shadow. My mom, who is the most generous and selfless person on God's Earth. My dad, who provided a nearly impossible standard for any man to live up to. And my generous supply of friends, even those that send mass text messages.

Happy Thanksgiving. I'm going to go eat myself stupid now.

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